Enero Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Glass

Architectural glass that not only provides the building with the same passive properties as a conventional glazing, iti also generates free electricity from the sun.

It is therefore, the only building material available in the market that provides your building a return on the investment.

Product highlights


• Mono and Polycrystalline
• Square solar cells with a dimension of 12 or 15 cm.
• Effiency  15% – 18%
• Greater nominal power per square metre(Wp/SqFt)
• Produces more electricity under direct sunlight
• Flexibility in functional design – trapezoids

Size – Shape and colors

Crystalline silicon typical maximum size is of approximately 4000mm x 2000mm but glass can be personalized to the specific requirements of each project.

Crystalline silicon glass-on-glass units cand also provide interesting design option through different shapes.

While the rectangural is the most frequent, trapezoids and non-regular shapes are also available.

Crystaline silicon is composed of solid opaque photovoltaic cell that are not custimizable(the cell have standard sizes of 12 or 15 cm.

The spacing ofthe cells, however, is customizable, wich is how the transparency is accomplished with the crystalline units.

Technical specifications