EV Charging Stations
DC 60kW to 240kW

The ENERO DC fast charging station is a dual DC outlets (CHAdeMO and CCS) 60 to 120kW (up to 160kW) fast charger with an optional Type-2 AC output up to 22kW that can be configured to meet different charging needs of both European and North American customers. It supports all three connectors charging simultaneously and balancer reel for advanced cable management.

Product highlights

For EV Charging User

• The 7-inch display and unique UI offer good user display requirements for charging.
• The lit LED beacons allow users to quickly identify the current charging status.
• Mobile app integration feature provides users the convenience of remote operation and real-time charging status reminders.

For EV Charging Operator

• Its metal casing and semi-gross coating ensure the appearance of the texture and meet the longterm outdoor use.
• Compliant with OCPP 1.6 and above enables it to connect to the global EV charge management platform without additional integration and matching.
• It offers balancer reel of each outlet which makes it more convenient for you to use and save effort, and prevent the charging cable from being damaged.
• CCS, CHAdeMO and AC optional multi-connector output to meet all kinds EVs charging requirements. 5m cable length makes it easier to reach the vehicle charging location.
• Remote upgrade and local upgrade functions, which can upgrade the charger software locally or remotely when needed..

Technical specifications