50 Ah LTO prismatic cell


1.Optimal storage temperature is 25 .
2.In battery systems,the battery management system must enforce the voltage limits at the individual cell level.

Technical specifications

 CELLPerformance Characteristics Nominal Values
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Capacity (@ 50 amp,25 ) 50.0Ah
Typical high rate capacity (350 amp at 25°C) 50.0 Ah
Typical energy (50 amp at 25°C) 165 Wh
Pulse power (FreedomCAR, 10s pulse,50% SOC at 25°C)(discarge/charge) 2089 W, 919 W
Energy density 250 Wh/L
Power density (discharge/charge) 1590 W/L, 1690 W/L
Specific energy 129 Wh/kg
Specific power (discharge/charge) 821 W/kg, 872 W/kg
Internal charge impedance(10s DC pulse 50% SOC, at 25°C) 0.41 mΩ
Internal discharge impedance(10s DC pulse 50% SOC, at 25°C) 1.24 mΩ
Max continuous charge 150A
Max continuous discharge 150A
Max 10 sec Pulse discharge or charge current 350A
Internal impedance (1 Hz AC, 10% SOC, 25°C) ≤ 0.8mΩ
Life Characteristics
Cycle life at 2C charge and 2C discharge, 100% DOD, 25°C ≥ 4500 to 80% initial capacity
Cycle life at 1C charge and 1C discharge, 100% DOD, 55°C N/A